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1  Midterm Examination Results: Semester 01/2018 by The School of Agro-Industry,
  The last subject withdrawal date with "W" character will be on Friday 26th October 2018;
  Note: Due to the current popularity of social media, the School encourages the announcemnt of results through social media such as Facebook, LINE, WhatApp, Wechat, etc,
  In case of unknown password, please consult your instructor
  or Coordinating Officers at the School of Agro-Industry
  Subject code 601 enquires Mrs.Sarika Suranart (P'Kai) 053-94-8216,
  Subject code 602 enquires Mrs.Jariya Kumboonreung (P'Noi) 053-94-8217,
  Subject code 603 enquires Mrs.Sudaluk Bhudhawong (P'Jim) 053-94-8277,
  Subject code 604 enquires Mrs.Sujinan Kongyu (P'Aui) 053-94-8244,
  Subject code 605 enquires Ms.Montatip Trakanratsanti (P'Pan) 053-94-8230,
  Subject code 606 enquires Ms.Sudaporn Wattana (P'Beer) 053-94-8282,
  Subject code 610 enquires Ms.Pakkaporn Korkerd (P'Wan) 053-94-8207
  In the situation of unanswered call ONLY,
    please contact other numbers in the different "Subject code"
    for additional assistants.
###  Division of Biotechnology
1  602211 BASIC BIOTECHNOLOGY (Aj.Sasitorn), File size: 1.2 MB  Download  
2  602315 BIOTECHNOLOGY II (Aj.Ronachai), File size: 74 KB  Download  
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